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All MSP's (Managed Service Providers) for the most part do the same things.  They manage and monitor your IT systems and try to proactively react to issues in order to ensure your IT systems are functioning.  This means they use a ticketing system, and a RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) solution to take over, control, and manage your desktop and server assets.  Unfortunately that's where the similarities stop.

A large number of MSP's particularly in the small to mid-size markets use low quality, budget friendly equipment.  This includes hardware, software and management systems from vendors such as Ubiquity, CUJO, Netgear, NetGate, Firewalla, and a host of other systems that are designed to fit into the home, work-from-home, or micro-office environment.  These systems while budget friendly do not offer the security, features, reliability, and processing power of the higher end enterprise grade equipment used by Corsair Networks.

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